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エンシェント・ブリストルコーン・シーニック・バイウェイ 2015
 (Ancient Bristlecone Scenic Byway 2015)
エンシェント・ブリストルコーン・シーニック・バイウェイ (Ancient Bristlecone Scenic Byway) のドライブの写真集。(2015年10月)
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See also:   "エンシェント・ブリストルコーン・パイン・フォレスト (Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest)".(全行程)

州道168号線 (State Route 168) [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_0982.jpg] [IMG_0983.jpg] [IMG_0985.jpg]
CA-168 west entering Inyo Nat'l Forest Westgard Pass (looking west) White Mounrain Road to north

ホワイト・マウンテン・ロード (White Mountain Road) [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_0986.jpg] [IMG_0987.jpg] [IMG_0988.jpg]
"National Forest Scenic Byway" Pinyon Picnic Area Grandview Campground

Sierra View (Sierra View Vista Point) [geonames.org.gif]
Sierra View Vista Point

White Mountain Road [Cont'd]
[IMG_0876_2.jpg] [IMG_0876_4.jpg] [IMG_0876_6.jpg]
White Mountain Road to Schulman Grove

シュルマン・グローブ (Schulman Grove) / Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest [geonames.org.gif]
[IMG_0990+.jpg] [IMG_0881_2.jpg] [IMG_0991+.jpg]
Schulman Grove in storm 10 minutes later...

Sierra View (Sierra View Vista Point)
[IMG_0884.jpg] [IMG_0882.jpg] [IMG_0882+.jpg]
Inyo Mountains from Sierra View

State Route 168
[IMG_0885_2.jpg] [IMG_0885_4.jpg] [IMG_0885_5.jpg]
CA-168 west
[IMG_0992.jpg] [IMG_0993.jpg]
CA-168 west leaving Inyo Nat'l Forest Owens River from CA-168

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