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Angeles Crest Highway
Album of photos from scenic drive on Angeles Crest Highway (California State Route 2) through San Gabriel Mountains and Angeles National Forest. [October 2017]
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Interstate 5 [maps.google.com.jpg]
Pyramid Lake off I-5

La Canada Flintridge [wikipedia.org.gif] [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7020.jpg] [IMG_7021.jpg] [IMG_7022.jpg]
La Canada Flintridge off I-210
Angeles Crest Highway (CA SR 2)

Angeles National Forest / San Gabriel Mountains [fs.usda.gov.png] [wikipedia.org.gif] [wikipedia.org.gif] [geonames.org.gif] [geonames.org.gif]
[IMG_7024.jpg] [IMG_7025.jpg]
Angeles Crest Highway entering Angeles National Forest
[IMG_7026.jpg] [IMG_3834.jpg]
from Angeles Crest Highway

Clear Creek Information Station [fs.usda.gov.png] [recreation.gov.gif] [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7027.jpg] [IMG_7028.jpg]
"Clear Creek Visitor Information Station" Angeles Forest Highway
[IMG_7029.jpg] [IMG_7029+.jpg]
Angeles Crest Hwy & Angeles Forest Hwy

Switzer Picnic Area [fs.usda.gov.png] [summitpost.org.gif] [hikingangelesforest.com.png] [outdoorproject.com.png] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7030.jpg] [IMG_3836.jpg] [IMG_3837.jpg]
Switzer Picnic Area

Red Box Picnic Area [fs.usda.gov.png] [summitpost.org.gif] [hikingangelesforest.com.png] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7031.jpg] [IMG_7032.jpg] [IMG_7033.jpg] [IMG_7033+.jpg]
Mt Wilson Red Box Road Red Box Picnic Area

Silver Moccasin Trail [fs.usda.gov.png] [wikipedia.org.gif] [mtbproject.com.png] [routeyou.com.png] [rootsrated.com.png] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7034.jpg] [IMG_7036.jpg] [IMG_7035.jpg]
looking back Silver Moccasin Trail (south)
[IMG_7037.jpg] [IMG_7037+.jpg] [IMG_7038.jpg] [IMG_7038+.jpg]
Silver Moccasin Trail (north)
[IMG_3838.jpg] [IMG_7039.jpg]

Unnamed Viewpoint [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7040.jpg] [IMG_7041.jpg]
Viewpoint off Angeles Crest Highway ??
[IMG_7042.jpg] [IMG_7043.jpg] [IMG_7044.jpg]

Charlton Flat [fs.usda.gov.png] [hikingangelesforest.com.png] [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7046+.jpg] [IMG_3840.jpg] [IMG_7045.jpg]
Charlton Flats Picnic Site

Chilao Road [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7047+.jpg] [IMG_7048+.jpg] [IMG_7049+.jpg]
Chilao Road to left
[IMG_7050+.jpg] [IMG_7051.jpg] [IMG_7052.jpg]
Silver Moccasin Trail
[IMG_7053.jpg] [IMG_7054+.jpg] [IMG_7055+.jpg]
"Upper Chilao" Chilao Picnic Area Upper Chilao Picnic Area

Chilao Visitor Center [fs.usda.gov.png] [ohranger.com.jpg] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7056.jpg] [IMG_7057.jpg] [IMG_7059.jpg]
Chilao Visitor Center

Newcomb's Ranch [newcombsranch.com.jpg] [wikipedia.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7060+.jpg] [IMG_7060++.jpg] [IMG_7061.jpg]
Newcomb's Ranch

Santa Clara Divide Road / Pacifico Mountain Road [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7062.jpg] [IMG_7062+.jpg]
Santa Clara Divide Road / PCT (north)

Short Hiking [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7063.jpg] [IMG_7064.jpg] [IMG_7065.jpg]
Short hiking aiming a rock
[IMG_7066.jpg] [IMG_3845.jpg] [IMG_3847.jpg]
[IMG_7068.jpg] [IMG_7069.jpg] [IMG_7070.jpg]
Camp Valcrest
[IMG_7071.jpg] [IMG_7072.jpg] [IMG_3849.jpg] [IMG_3849+.jpg]
from highest point
[IMG_3850.jpg] [IMG_3850+.jpg] [IMG_7073.jpg] [IMG_7074.jpg]
[IMG_7075.jpg] [IMG_7076+.jpg] [IMG_7077.jpg] [IMG_7078.jpg]
summit, nexr time

Cloudburst Summit [hikingangelesforest.com.png] [nobodyhikesinla.com.jpg] [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
"Cloud Burst Summit"

A Turnout [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_3851.jpg] [IMG_3852.jpg] [IMG_3853.jpg]
from a trunout off Angeles Crest Highway

Eagle Roost Picnic Area [fs.usda.gov.png] [hikingangelesforest.com.png] [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7080+.jpg] [IMG_7081.jpg]
"Eagle Roost Day Use Area"
[IMG_7083.jpg] [IMG_7082+.jpg] [IMG_7084.jpg]
Pacific Crest Trail (north) to Eagle Roost Picnic Area Pacific Crest Trail (south) / Angeles Crest Hwy (east)

Jarvi Memorial Vista [fs.usda.gov.png] [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7085.jpg] [IMG_7086.jpg]
"Jarvi Memorial Vista"
[IMG_7088.jpg] [IMG_7087.jpg] [IMG_3855+.jpg]
from Jarvi Memorial Vista

Islip Saddle [wikipedia.org.gif] [fs.usda.gov.png] [hikingangelesforest.com.png] [summitpost.org.gif] [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7095.jpg] [IMG_7090.jpg] [IMG_7092.jpg]
Pacific Crest Trail (south) / Islip Saddle
[IMG_7089.jpg] [IMG_7093.jpg] [IMG_7093+.jpg] [IMG_7094.jpg]
Pacific Crest Trail (north) to north side of Highway Islip Saddle Pacific Crest Trail (north)

A Viewpoint
[IMG_7096+.jpg] [IMG_7098+.jpg] [IMG_7097+.jpg]
from a viewpoint off Angeles Crest Highway

Dawson Saddle [angelescrestscenichighway.com.jpg] [hikingangelesforest.com.png] [summitpost.org.gif] [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7099.jpg] [IMG_7100+.jpg]
Dawson Saddle

Vincent Gulch Divide [trailwiki.org.png] [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7101.jpg] [IMG_7106.jpg] [IMG_7103+.jpg]
Vincent Gulch Divide
[IMG_7102+.jpg] [IMG_7105.jpg] [IMG_7104.jpg]
Pacific Crest Trail (north) to south side of Highway Pacific Crest Trail (south)

Inspiration Point / Blue Ridge [fs.usda.gov.png] [wrightwoodca.com.png] [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_7112.jpg] [IMG_7111.jpg] [IMG_7113.jpg]
Inspiration Point
[IMG_7114.jpg] [IMG_7110+.jpg] [IMG_7109.jpg]
Blue Ridge
[IMG_7108+.jpg] [IMG_7107+.jpg]
"Inspiration Point Vista" / Inspiration Point Trailhead
[IMG_7115.jpg] [IMG_7116.jpg] [IMG_7117.jpg] [IMG_7118.jpg]
East Blue Ridge Road off Highway Pacific Crest Trail (south) off East Blue Ridge Road Pacific Crest Trail (north) to north side of Highway
[IMG_7119.jpg] [IMG_7120.jpg] [IMG_7121.jpg]
Pacific Crest Trail (north) Pacific Crest Trail (south) to south side of Highway

Big Pines / Wrightwood [wikipedia.org.gif] [wikipedia.org.gif] [geonames.org.gif] [geonames.org.gif]
Forest Information

Angeles Crest Highway (Ending) [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_3856.jpg] [IMG_3856+.jpg] [IMG_3857.jpg]
[IMG_7123.jpg] [IMG_7124.jpg] [IMG_7124+.jpg]
[IMG_7125.jpg] [IMG_7125+.jpg]
from off Angeles Crest Highway

Interstate 15
[IMG_3858+.jpg] [IMG_3859+.jpg]
[IMG_3860+.jpg] [IMG_3861.jpg]
from off I-15
Cajon Summit / I-15 North

San Bernardino [wikipedia.org.gif] [geonames.org.gif]
San Bernardino

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