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Great Basin National Park (2020)
Album of photos from visiting Great Basin National Park in Nevada. [Oct. 16, 2020]
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Nevada State Route 487
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Southbound from US 50

Great Basin Visitor Center
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Visitor Center "Great Basin National
"Explore the Great
"Things To Do While
Great Basin Visitor Center

Baker, Nevada
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Small town

Nevada State Route 488
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Baker Entrance, Great Basin National Park
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entering Great Basin National Park

Lehman Caves Visitor Center
Visitor Center closed, Cafe open

Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive
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Mather Overlook
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Wheeler Peak from Mather Overlook

Wheeler Peak Overlook
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Wheeler Peak from Wheeler Peak Overlook

Bristlecone-Alpine Lakes Trailhead
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end of Scenic Drive "Bristlecone-Alpine
Lakes Trailhead"
"Vertical Life Zones"

Bristlecone Pine Trail / Alpine Lakes Trail
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Next time...

Wheeler Peak Summit Trailhead
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"Summit Trailhead" "Wheeler Peak Summit
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Wheeler Peak from Summit Trailead

Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive
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Wheeler Peak from Scenic Drive
Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive

Nevada State Route 488 & 487
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to US 50