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Lyell Fork & Sherwin Range
Album of photos from a driving/hiking trip to Lyell Fork (Lyell Fork of Tuolumne River) in Yosemite National Park and Sherwin Range in Eastern Sierra (May 2008).

Day 1 - Lyell Fork & John Muir Trail
Half Dome from Olmsted Point Polly Dome, Mount Conness and Tenaya Lake
from Olmsted Point
John Muir Trail
(Lyell Canyon Trail)
Mammoth Peak from
John Muir Trail
Lyell Fork

Day 2 - Obsidian Dome & Sherwin Range
Sierra Nevada from Obsidian Dome
Sherwin Range (Mount Morgan, Mount Morrison and Laurel Mountain) from Owens River Road
Yosemite/Eastern Sierra
Lembert Dome &
 Glen Aulin
Peeler Lake &
 Matterhorn Peak
Saddlebag Lake &
 Gaylor Peak
Mammoth Mountain
Tioga Road &
 First Lake
Tioga Road &
 Convict Lake
Lyell Fork &
 Sherwin Range
Day 1
Day 2
May Lake &
 20 Lakes Basin
Mammoth Lakes &
 Tioga Pass Road



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