[albums] Photo Albums / North America / Southwestern Deserts (2019)
Mojave National Preserve
Photos from visiting Mojave National Preserve in California. [Nov. 28, 2019]
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Previous Day - Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
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Organ Pipe Cactus from Ajo Mountain Drive

Goffs Road (County Route 66)
off I-40

Lanfair Road
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Lanfair Road entering Mojave National Preserve
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Cedar Canyon Road
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Snow on Cedar Canyon Road

Kelso Cima Road
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Junction with Cedar Canyon Road
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"The Mojave Road"

Kelso Depot Visitor Center
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Kelso Depot Visitor Center
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"Desert Tortoise" "Kelso Dunes"
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"Cima Dome" "Mid Hills" "Cinder Cones" "Spring Wildflowers"
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"Kelso Depot: Point of Departure"

Kelbaker Road (North)
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Kelbaker Road (South)
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