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Pinnacles National Park
Albums of photos from trips visiting Yosemite National Park located in Sierra Nevada.
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North Wilderness Trail Loop [April 2017]
[IMG_5032.jpg] [IMG_5041+.jpg] [IMG_5071+.jpg]
North Wilderness Trail High Peaks and North Chalone Peak
[IMG_2956.jpg] [IMG_5098.jpg] [IMG_2967+.jpg]
Balconies from Old Pinnacles
Baloconies Caves Machete Ridge from Balconies Trail

Bear Gulch Reservoir & High Peaks [April 2016]
[IMG_1773+.jpg] [IMG_1806.jpg]
High Peaks from Peaks View Bear Gulch Reservoir Bear Gulch from Rim Trail
[IMG_1826.jpg] [IMG_1465_2.jpg] [IMG_1867.jpg]
Scout Peak from High Peaks Trail High Peaks descending High Peaks Trail

East Entrance [February 2016]
CA 146 entering Pinnacles National Park no parking lot, long line of cars...

Condor Gulch Overlook [May 2014]
[IMG_0847+.jpg] [IMG_0849.jpg] [IMG_0855.jpg]
High Peaks from Peaks View Coondor Gulch Trailhead
 (Bear Gulch Day Use Area)
Coondor Gulch Overlook

West Pinnacles [March 2012]
[IMG_3853.jpg] [IMG_3856+.jpg] [IMG_3865.jpg]
West Entrance,
 Pinnacles National Monument
High Peaks from near Visitor Contact Station Balconies Trail