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Yellowstone National Park 2014
Album of photos from scenic drives in Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming/Montana/Idaho, USA).
[July, 2014]
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Day 1 - Grand Loop Road (East)
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Mammoth Hot Springs from Blacktail Plateau Drive
[IMG_1690.jpg] [IMG_1703+.jpg] [IMG_1714.jpg]
Mount Washburn Bisons crossing Yellowstone River
[IMG_1729+.jpg] [IMG_1738+.jpg] [IMG_1740+.jpg]
Yellowstone Lake from near Lake Lodge West Thumb Geyser Basin

Day 2 - South Yellowstone
[IMG_1760+.jpg] [IMG_1766.jpg] [IMG_1771.jpg]
Yellowstone Lake from Pumice Point Continental Divide / South Entrance Road Lewis Falls

Day 3 - Grand Loop Road (Southwest)
[IMG_2056.jpg] [IMG_2062.jpg] [IMG_2065+.jpg]
Grand Loop Road crossing Continental Divide (Craig Pass) Old Faithful Inn Old Faithful Geyser
[IMG_2070.jpg] [IMG_2071.jpg] [IMG_2080.jpg] [IMG_2093.jpg]
Old Faithful Geyser Grand Geyser(?) Grand Prismatic Spring
[IMG_2103.jpg] [IMG_2110.jpg] [IMG_2122+.jpg]
White Dome Geyser Firehole Falls West Entrance, Yellowstone National Park

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