[albums] フォトアルバム / 北アメリカ
コロラド高原 (Colorado Plateau)
アメリカの南西部 (ユタ州、コロラド州、アリゾナ州、ニューメキシコ州) に位置するコロラド高原 (Colorado Plateau) への旅のフォト・アルバム集。
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グランド・サークル (Grand Circle) [2020年10月]
[IMG_1860.jpg] [IMG_0982.jpg] [IMG_2080.jpg] [IMG_1004.jpg]
[IMG_2482.jpg] [IMG_2257.jpg] [IMG_2584.jpg] [IMG_2711.jpg]
Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, Arches and Capitol Reef National Parks

ザイオン・ナショナル・パーク (Zion National Park) [2020年10月]
[IMG_0963.jpg] [IMG_1854.jpg] [IMG_1866.jpg]
South Entrance Zion Canyon (Riverside Walk) The Watchman (Pa'rus Trail)
[IMG_1883.jpg] [IMG_1897.jpg] [IMG_1904.jpg]
Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway Checkerboard Mesa East Entrance

ブライス・キャニオン・ナショナル・パーク (Bryce Canyon National Park) [2020年10月]
[IMG_0978.jpg] [IMG_1934.jpg] [IMG_2237.jpg]
from Sunset Point from Rim Trail from Sunrise Point
[IMG_0980.jpg] [IMG_1968+.jpg] [IMG_0984.jpg]
Queens Garden Trail Queens Garden
[IMG_2259.jpg] [IMG_2007.jpg] [IMG_2016.jpg]
from Navajo Trail from Paria View from Bryce Point

グランド・キャニオン・ナショナル・パーク (Grand Canyon National Park) [2020年10月]
[IMG_2292.jpg] [IMG_2301+00.jpg] [IMG_2305.jpg]
from Transept Trail Oza Butte and the Transept from Vista Encantada off Cape
Royal Road
[IMG_2308.jpg] [IMG_0993+94.jpg] [IMG_2088.jpg]
from Cape Royal Trail from Cape Royal Point from Angel's Window
[IMG_2096+95.jpg] [IMG_2104.jpg] [IMG_E2337.jpg]
from off Cape Royal Road from Point Imperial Colorado River from Historic
Navajo Bridge

Glen Canyon National National Recreation Area [2020年10月]
[IMG_2111.jpg] [IMG_2346.jpg] [IMG_2349+.jpg]
Cathedral Rock from Historic
Navajo Bridge
Lake Powell Glen Canyon Dam

キャニオンランズ・ナショナル・パーク (Canyonlands National Park) [2020年10月]
[IMG_2153+.jpg] [IMG_2450+.jpg]
from Squaw Flat Campground (Needles Campground) The Needles from Main Park Road
[IMG_1004.jpg] [IMG_2215+16.jpg] [IMG_2482.jpg]
Big Spring Canyon Overlook from Green River Overlook
[IMG_2483.jpg] [IMG_2225.jpg] [IMG_2228+.jpg]
from Grand View Point from Candlestick Tower Overlook

アーチズ・ナショナル・パーク (Arches National Park) [2020年10月]
[IMG_2502.jpg] [IMG_2249.jpg] [IMG_1014.jpg]
from Arches Scenic Drive Delicate Arch from Twisted Doughnut Arch
[IMG_2283.jpg] [IMG_2551.jpg] [IMG_2314+.jpg]
Pine Tree Arch Tunnel Arch Landscape Arch
[IMG_1026.jpg] [IMG_2339.jpg] [IMG_2584.jpg]
Partition Arch Navajo Arch Double O Arch
[IMG_2419.jpg] [IMG_2422.jpg] [IMG_2421+.jpg]
Balanced Rock Tower of Babel The Organ

キャピトル・リーフ・ナショナル・パーク (Capitol Reef National Park) [2020年10月]
[IMG_2676.jpg] [IMG_2517.jpg] [IMG_2684+.jpg]
Capitol Gorge Trail above Capitol Gorge The Tanks
[IMG_2532+.jpg] [IMG_2557+56.jpg]
Capitol Reef Scenic Drive Hickman Bridge Trail
[IMG_2567.jpg] [IMG_2579.jpg] [IMG_2714.jpg]
Hickman Natural Bridge

バリンジャー・クレーター (Meteor Crater) [2018年12月]

ペトリファイド・フォレスト・ナショナル・パーク (Petrified Forest National Park) [2018年12月]

セドナ (Sedona) [2018年12月]

Glen Canyon Nationa Recreation Area [2015年12月]

Grand Canyon Nationa Park [2015年12月]

Walnut Canyon Nationa Monument [2015年12月]

Canyonlands & Arches [2011年7月]

Canyonlands, Arches & Grand Canyon [June 2009]
[1-11.jpg] [1-16.jpg] [2-18.jpg]
Colorado River Overlook Road Delicate Arch Mesa Arch
[2-44.jpg] [2-58.jpg]
from near Bright Angel Point from Point Imperial
[4-10.jpg] [4-25.jpg] [4-32.jpg]
Eagle Point Guano Point from Guano Point

グランド・サークル&セドナ (Grand Circle & Sedona) [2009年4月]
[2-06.jpg] [3-18.jpg] [4-12.jpg]
Grand Canyon from Mather Point Little Colorado River Navajo
Tribal Park
Glen Canyon Dam
[5-07.jpg] [5-46.jpg]
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park The Castle from Capitol Reef Visitor Center
[6-37.jpg] [6-49.jpg] [6-63.jpg]
Head of the Rocks Overlook off Utah 12 Checkerboard Mesa The Watchman & North
Fork Virgin River

Utah's National Parks [2006年12月]
[2-12.jpg] [2-31.jpg] [2-35.jpg]
from Kolob Canyons Viewpoint Inspiration Point, Bryce Canyon
National Park
Bryce Point
[2-80.jpg] [3-03.jpg] [3-12.jpg]
The Castle, Capitol Reef National
Horseshoe Canyon, Canyonlands
National Park
Balanced Rock, Arches National

グランド・サークル (Grand Circle) [1997年8月]

Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Zion & Grand Canyon [1991年12月]