[albums] フォトアルバム
北アメリカ (North America)
北アメリカ (North America) の主要な地域への (カリフォルニア起点の) 長距離ドライブ旅行のフォト・アルバム集。
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主要な地域 (Major Destinations)

グランド・サークル (Grand Circle) [2020年10月]
[IMG_1854.jpg] [IMG_1883.jpg] [IMG_0984.jpg]
Zion Canyon, Zion National Park Zion-Mount Carmel Highway Queens Garden, Bryce Canyon
National Park
[IMG_0993+94.jpg] [IMG_2099+100.jpg]
Cape Royal, Grand Canyon National Park Point Imperial
[IMG_2450+.jpg] [IMG_2223+24.jpg]
The Needles, Canyonlands National Park Grand View Point
[IMG_2249.jpg] [IMG_2584.jpg] [IMG_2579.jpg]
Delicate Arch, Arches National
Double O Arch, Devils Garden Hickman Natural Bridge, Capitol
Reef National Park

南西部の砂漠 (Southwestern Deserts) [2019年11月]
[IMG_0765.jpg] [IMG_0777.jpg] [IMG_0784.jpg]
White Sands National Monument Carlsbad Caverns National Park
[IMG_0793.jpg] [IMG_0801.jpg] [IMG_0804.jpg]
Chiricahua National Monument Tonkotsu Ramen in Tucson
[IMG_0808.jpg] [IMG_0816.jpg] [IMG_0819.jpg]
Saguaro National Park (Tucson Mountain Unit) Organ Pipe Cactus National
[IMG_0823.jpg] [IMG_0826.jpg] [IMG_0827.jpg]
Organ Pipe Cactus National
Mojave National Preserve Kelbaker Road north

Saguaro NP & Sedona [2018年12月]

ワイオミング・ロッキー (Wyoming Rockies) & 日食 (Solar Eclipse) [2017年8月]
[IMG_6271+.jpg] [IMG_6298++.jpg] [IMG_6329.jpg]
T.A. Moulton Barn and Grand Teton / Mormon
Teton Range from Jackson Lake Dam Hidden Falls
[IMG_6397+.jpg] [IMG_6430.jpg] [IMG_3607+.jpg]
Abyss Pool Morning Glory Pool Grand Prismatic Spring
[IMG_6542.jpg] [IMG_6573.jpg] [IMG_6624++.jpg]
Brink of Lower Falls Brink of Upper Falls Hayden Valley
[IMG_6825.jpg] [IMG_6829.jpg] [IMG_3773+.jpg]
Mountain View Turnout Cathedral Group Turnout Jenny Lake Overlook

カスケード&オリンピック (Cascades & Olympic) [2016年7月]
[IMG_3087.jpg] [IMG_3151.jpg] [IMG_3233+.jpg]
Mount Rainier summit from High Skyline Trail Golden Gate Trail
[IMG_3595+.jpg] [IMG_2305+.jpg]
Crater Lake from Merriam Point from near Pumice Point

モンタナ&ワイオミング・ロッキー (Montana & Wyoming Rockies) [2014年7月]
[IMG_1670.jpg] [IMG_1703+.jpg] [IMG_1740+.jpg]
from Blacktail Plateau Drive Bisons crossing Yellowstone River West Thumb Geyser Basin
[IMG_1771.jpg] [IMG_1785.jpg] [IMG_1825.jpg]
Lewis Falls from Jaxkson Lake Overlook from Blacktail Ponds Overlook
[IMG_1886+.jpg] [IMG_1921++.jpg] [IMG_1943.jpg]
from Antelope Flats Road from Cascade Canyon Turnout from Potholes Turnout
[IMG_2005+.jpg] [IMG_2038++.jpg] [IMG_2070.jpg]
Grand Teton and Jenny Lake from Signal Mountain Old Faithful Geyser

コロラド&ワイオミング・ロッキー (Colorado & Wyoming Rockies) [2011年7月]

グランド・サークル&セドナ (Grand Circle & Sedona) [2009年4月]
[2-06.jpg] [2-34.jpg] [4-12.jpg]
Grand Canyon from Mather Point Bell Rock from Bell Rock Pathway
Glen Canyon Dam
[5-07.jpg] [5-46.jpg]
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park The Castle from Capitol Reef Visitor Center
[6-36.jpg] [6-49.jpg] [6-63.jpg]
Head of the Rocks Overlook off Utah 12 Checkerboard Mesa The Watchman & North
Fork Virgin River

カナディアン・ロッキー (Canadian Rockies) [2003年7月]
[2-10.jpg] [2-22.jpg] [2-30.jpg]
Lake Louise Peyto Lake Columbia Icefields (Athabasca
[3-11.jpg] [3-19.jpg] [3-23.jpg] [3-29.jpg]
Maligne Lake and Spirit Island Medicine Lake Mount Edith Cavell
and Cavell Lake
Athabasca Falls
[4-10.jpg] [4-16.jpg] [4-22.jpg] [5-20.jpg]
Moraine Lake Takakkaw Falls Emerald Lake Lake Minnewanka

グランド・サークル (Grand Circle) [1997年8月]

ワイオミング・ロッキー (Wyoming Rockies) [1991年7月]
[2-42.jpg] [3-03.jpg]
Teton Range and Snake River from Snake River Overlook Grand Teton and Jackson Lake
[3-25.jpg] [3-26.jpg] [4-14.jpg] [5-06.jpg]
Grand Canyon of the
Lower Yellowstone
Hayden Valley Lower Yellowstone
[5-28.jpg] [5-43.jpg] [6-16.jpg]
Mammoth Hot
Old Faithful Geyser Teton Range (Grand Teton) and Jenny Lake