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Death Valley National Park (2017)
Album of photos from driving and hiking trip in Death Valley National Park (Mosaic Canyon and Salt Creek), California. [March 2017]
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CA State Route 190 [wikipedia.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
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Sierra Nevada from Highway 190
[IMG_4887.jpg] [IMG_4888.jpg]
Telescope Peak (Panamint Range) from Father Crowley Vista Point off CA-190 Panamint Range and Panamint Valley

Death Valley National Park [maps.google.com.jpg]

Mosaic Canyon (Mosaic Canyon Trail) [nps.gov.png] [americansouthwest.net.gif] [hikespeak.com.jpg] [geonames.org.gif]
[IMG_4889.jpg] [IMG_2896.jpg] [IMG_4896.jpg]
Mosaic Canyon Trailhead Mosaic Canyon
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[IMG_4908.jpg] [IMG_4910.jpg] [IMG_4913.jpg]
Canyon continues up... Descending
[IMG_2901.jpg] [IMG_4918.jpg] [IMG_2907.jpg]
[IMG_4920.jpg] [IMG_4921+.jpg] [IMG_4924.jpg]
Mosaic Canyon

Stovepipe Wells Village [wikipedia.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]

Salt Creek (Salt Creek Trail) [nps.gov.png] [hikespeak.com.jpg] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_4927.jpg] [IMG_4928+.jpg] [IMG_4929.jpg]
Salt Creek
[IMG_4930.jpg] [IMG_4931.jpg] [IMG_4932.jpg]
Salt Creek Trail Pupfishes
[IMG_4933.jpg] [IMG_4935.jpg] [IMG_4936+.jpg] [IMG_4937.jpg]
Salt Creek

CA State Route 190 [wikipedia.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_4940.jpg] [IMG_4941++.jpg]
near Emigrant Campground Death Valley from Highway 190

Ridgecrest [wikipedia.org.gif] [wikitravel.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]

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