[albums] Photo Albums / Great Basin
Mojave Desert
Albums of photos from trips visiting Mojave Desert in the Southwest (Great Basin).
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Major Destinations

Mojave National Preserve [November 2019]
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[IMG_0919.jpg] [IMG_0921.jpg] [IMG_1320+.jpg]
Lanfair Road Entrance Cedar Canyon Road
[IMG_0923.jpg] [IMG_0826.jpg] [IMG_0827.jpg]
Mojave Road at Kelso Cima Road Kelso Depot Visitor Center Kelbaker Road

Valley of Fire State Park [August 2019]

Death Valley National Park [March 2019]

Death Valley National Park [March 2017]
[IMG_4903.jpg] [IMG_4910.jpg] [IMG_4918.jpg]
Mosaic Canyon
[IMG_4929.jpg] [IMG_4931.jpg] [IMG_4932.jpg] [IMG_4933.jpg]
Salt Creek Pupfishes

Joshua Tree National Park [November 2016]
[IMG_4156+.jpg] [IMG_4207.jpg] [IMG_4212+.jpg]
High View Nature Trail (Black
Rock Canyon)
Eureka Peak summit Lower Covington Flat Road entering
Lower Covington Flat
[IMG_4268+.jpg] [IMG_4277+78+.jpg]
Indian Cove Nature Trail Indian Cove Campground
[IMG_4338.jpg] [IMG_4382.jpg] [IMG_4422+.jpg]
Fortynine Palms Oasis Arch Rock / Arch Rock Nature Trail Split Rock from Split Rock Trail (Split Rock
Picnic Area)
[IMG_4459+60.jpg] [IMG_4481+.jpg]
San Jacinto Mountains and Coachella Valley from Keys View Hidden Valley Nature Trail

Lake Mead Nationa Recreation Area [December 2015]

Death Valley National Park [October 2015]

Lake Mead National Recreation Area [September 2014]

Death Valley National Park [September 2014]

Joshua Tree National Park [February 2014]
[IMG_0554.jpg] [IMG_0553.jpg] [IMG_0559+.jpg]
view from ?? San Jacinto Mountains and Coachella Valley from
Keys View
[IMG_0560+.jpg] [IMG_0564+.jpg] [IMG_0566++.jpg]
Keys View Cap Rock Nature Trail Skull Rock

Death Valley National Park [February 2014]

Death Valley National Park [February 2013]

Trona Pinnacles [February 2013]

Death Valley National Park [April 2012]

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area [April 2012]

Mojave Nat'l Preserve & Death Valley Nat'l Park [December 2010]
[1-21+.jpg] [1-36.jpg] [1-49+.jpg]
Kelso Depot Visitor Center, Mojave
National Preserve
Hole In The Wall Visitor Center Mojave Road (west)
[2-32.jpg] [2-57+.jpg] [2-63.jpg]
Salt Creek Trailhead, Death
Valley National Park
The Grandstand in The Racetrack Moving Rocks in The Racetrack
(Racetrack Playa)

Death Valley National Park [December 2009]
Sierra Nevada Mountains
from Death Valley Road
Eureka Sand Dunes
(Eureka Dunes)
Salt Creek (Salt
Creek Interpretive Trail)
Moving Rocks,
Racetrack Playa
Hidden Valley and
Hidden Valley Road
Charcoal Kilns

Joshua Tree National Park [November 2008]
Jumbo Rocks Campground Ryan Mountain summit Cholla Cactus Garden (Colorado

Death Valley National Park [August 2008]
Death Valley
from Dante's View
Zabriskie Point Golden Canyon

Saline Valley [June 2006]

Death Valley National Park [March 2006]
Charcoal Kilns Natural Bridge
Golden Canyon
Interpretive Trail

Saline Valley [March 1996]

Death Valley National Monument [December 1990]

Joshua Tree National Monument [December 1990]

Major Destinations of Mojave Desert