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Mono Basin/Mono Lake (2017)
Photos from visit to Mono Basin and Mono Lake in California. [August 2017]
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See also:   "Mono Lake South Tufa" for hiking section.

Anchorite Pass (Anchorite Summit) / Nevada State Route 359 [wikipedia.org.gif] [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6901.jpg] [IMG_6902.jpg]
Anchorite Summit / NV-359 (south) Anchorite Pass / NV-359 (north)

California State Route 167 (Pole Line Road) [wikipedia.org.gif] [aaroads.com.jpg] [maps.google.com.jpg]
CA-167 (south) toward Sierra Nevada
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CA-167 (Pole Line Rd) in Mono Basin Leaving Toiyabe National Forest

California State Route 167 [Cont'd]
[IMG_3794++.jpg] [IMG_3795+.jpg]
from off CA-167
[IMG_3796.jpg] [IMG_3796+.jpg] [094_2017-08-23+.jpg]
from off CA-167
[IMG_6906.jpg] [IMG_6906+.jpg] [IMG_6912.jpg]
Dunderburg Peak
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[IMG_6908+.jpg] [IMG_3799+.jpg]
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[IMG_6911+.jpg] [IMG_6913.jpg]
Mono Craters over Mono Lake

Mono Basin National Scenic Area (Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area) [fs.usda.gov.png] [wikipedia.org.gif] [outdoorproject.com.png] [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6914+.jpg] [IMG_6915.jpg] [IMG_6916+.jpg]
Forest Road 3N05 off CA-167 / Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area Mono Craters and Paoha Island
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Dunderburg Peak
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Sierra Nevada and Mono Lake

Mono Basin Scenic Area Visitor Center [fs.usda.gov.png] [monocounty.org.png] [monolake.org.gif] [tripadvisor.com.png] [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6922+.jpg] [IMG_6924.jpg] [IMG_6923.jpg]
Mono Basin Visitor Center "Exploring the Mono Basin" "Yosemite in Summer"
[IMG_6925.jpg] [IMG_6926+.jpg]
"Celebrating 100 Years"
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Mono Lake "Black Point"
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"Lee Vining Creek Trail"
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Paoha Island Negit Island
[IMG_6933+.jpg] [IMG_6933++.jpg] [IMG_6934.jpg] [IMG_6934+.jpg]
"Volcanic Islands" "Mono Craters"
[IMG_6935.jpg] [IMG_6935+.jpg]
Mono Craters
[IMG_6936+.jpg] [IMG_6936++.jpg]
"Lee Vining Creek"

Mono Lake South Tufa (Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve) [parks.ca.gov.png] [wikipedia.org.gif] [monolake.org.gif] [sierranevadageotourism.org.jpg] [outdoorproject.com.png] [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6937+.jpg] [IMG_6938++.jpg]
Mono Lake South Tufa
[IMG_6939+.jpg] [IMG_6946+.jpg] [IMG_6947.jpg]
"South Tufa Trail" "Basin and Range"
[IMG_6948.jpg] [IMG_6950+.jpg] [IMG_6951+.jpg]
Mount Gibbs and Mount Dana
[IMG_6952+.jpg] [IMG_3800+.jpg] [IMG_6953.jpg]
Mt. Gibbs and Mt. Dana
[IMG_6954.jpg] [IMG_6955.jpg] [IMG_6956+.jpg]
"Mandated Mono Lake Level"
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[IMG_6960.jpg] [IMG_6961.jpg] [IMG_6962+.jpg]
[IMG_6963++.jpg] [IMG_6965+.jpg]
[IMG_6966+.jpg] [IMG_3801+.jpg] [IMG_6967+.jpg]
[IMG_6968+.jpg] [IMG_6969+.jpg] [IMG_3802+.jpg]
[IMG_6970.jpg] [IMG_6971+.jpg] [IMG_6972.jpg]
[IMG_6973+.jpg] [IMG_6974.jpg] [IMG_6975.jpg]
[IMG_6976.jpg] [IMG_6977+.jpg] [IMG_3803++.jpg]
[IMG_3804+.jpg] [IMG_6978++.jpg] [IMG_6979++.jpg]
[IMG_6980.jpg] [IMG_6981.jpg] [IMG_6983+.jpg]
[IMG_6984+.jpg] [IMG_6986.jpg] [IMG_6988+.jpg]
[IMG_6990.jpg] [IMG_6991++.jpg] [IMG_6992.jpg]
[IMG_6993+.jpg] [IMG_6994+.jpg] [IMG_6995+.jpg]
Mono Lake South Tufa

See also:   "Around the Rockies / Day 9" for the day.

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