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Eastern Sierra
Albums of photos from trips visiting Eastern Sierra, the eastern side of Sierra Nevada Mountains.
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Major Destinations

Eastern Sierra Drive & Hike [July 2020]

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest [July 2020]

Eastern Sierra Drive & Hike [March 2019]

Eastern Sierra Scenic Drive [February 2018]

Mono Basin/Mono Lake [August 2017]
[IMG_6916+.jpg] [IMG_6917.jpg] [IMG_6932.jpg]
Mono Craters and Paoha Island Dunderburg Peak Negit Island and Mono Lake from
Mono Basin Scenic Area Visitor Center
[IMG_6955.jpg] [IMG_6978+.jpg] [IMG_6983+.jpg]
Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve

Little Lakes Valley [July 2017]

Eastern Sierra Drive & Hike [July 2017]

Eastern Sierra Drive & Hike [March 2017]
[IMG_4839.jpg] [IMG_4852.jpg] [IMG_4870.jpg]
Mobius Arch / Alabama Hills Manzanar Cemetery & Monument
[IMG_4874+.jpg] [IMG_4903.jpg] [IMG_4910.jpg]
Mount Whitney from Lone Pine Mosaic Canyon / Death Valley National Park

Lee Vining Canyon Scenic Byway [May 2016]
[IMG_2476.jpg] [IMG_2478.jpg] [IMG_2481.jpg]
Lee Vining Canyon Ellery Lake Mount Dana and Tioga Lake

Schulman Grove / Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest [May 2016]
[IMG_2268.jpg] [IMG_2273+.jpg] [IMG_2275+.jpg]
Schulman Grove Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest Visitor
Center (Schulman Grove Visitor Center)
Discovery Trail / Methuselah Trail
[IMG_2294+.jpg] [IMG_2330+.jpg] [IMG_2352+.jpg] [IMG_2380+.jpg]
Methuselah Trail

Manzanar National Historic Site [May 2016]
[IMG_2138+.jpg] [IMG_2147+.jpg] [IMG_2158.jpg]
Manzanar National Historic Site Manzanar Cemetery Manzanar Reservoir
[IMG_2174.jpg] [IMG_2178++.jpg] [IMG_2192.jpg]
Manzanar Chicken Ranch Mess Hall Garden Historic Entrance / "Manzanar
War Relocation Center"

Alabama Hills [May 2016]
[IMG_1637+.jpg] [IMG_2079+.jpg] [IMG_2082+.jpg]
Mount Whitney from off Movie Road Lone Pine Peak Mount Williamson

Panum Crater / Mono Basin National Scenic Area [October 2015]

Ancient Bristlecone Scenic Byway [Octpber 2015]
[IMG_0986.jpg] [IMG_0991+.jpg] [IMG_0884.jpg]
"National Forest Scenic Byway" Schulman Grove in storm Inyo Mountains from Sierra View

20 Lakes Basin [July 2015]

Alabama Hills [August 2014]
[IMG_2334++.jpg] [IMG_2338+.jpg] [IMG_2384+.jpg]
Sierra Nevada from Tuttle Creek Road from above Tuttle Creek Road Movie Road entering Alabama
Hills Recreation Area
[IMG_2389.jpg] [IMG_2399.jpg] [IMG_2404+.jpg]
Mobius Arch Trail (Arch Loop Trail) Sierra Nevada from Movie Road

Manzanar National Historic Site [August 2014]
[IMG_2267++.jpg] [IMG_2277.jpg] [IMG_2281+.jpg]
from Manzanar Reward Road Manzanar Cemetery & Monument Historic Entrance

Death Valley National Park [February 2014]

Death Valley National Park [April 2012]

Lone Pine Scenic Drive [December 2010]
[3-01+.jpg] [3-05++.jpg] [3-18.jpg]
Mt. Whiney from Dow Villa Motel,
Lone Pine
Lone Pine Peak, Mt. Whitney and
Mt. Russell from Highway 136
Lone Pine Peak and Mt. Whitney
from Owenyo Road
[3-28.jpg] [3-47+.jpg] [3-66+.jpg]
Mt. Whitney from Long
John Canyon Road
Mt. Whitney from Tuttle Creek Road Split Mountain (in clouds), Mt.
Tinemaha and Taboose Creek Road from
Tinnemaha Road

Lake Sabrina, Little Lakes Valley & T.J.-Barrett Lakes [August 2010]
[2-015+.jpg] [2-042.jpg] [2-150+.jpg]
Lake Sabrina South Lake Bear Creek Spire and Marsh Lake
(Little Lakes Valley)
[2-162.jpg] [3-057.jpg] [067.jpg]
Bear Creek Spire and Heart Lake Crystal Crag and Lake Barrett Mammoth Crest and T.J. Lake

Mono Lake South Tufa [July 2010]
[2-086+.jpg] [2-108.jpg] [2-115.jpg]
Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve (Mono Lake South Tufa)

Golden Trout Lakes Trail [July 2010]
[1-070.jpg] [1-081.jpg] [1-086.jpg] [1-100.jpg]
Kearsarge Peak and
Golden Trout Falls
from Golden Trout
Lakes Trail
University Peak Golden Trout Lakes Trail along Independence Creek

Manzanar National Historic Site [July 2010]
[IMG_1080+.jpg] [IMG_1081.jpg] [IMG_1085.jpg]
Mt. Williamson from Tour Road Manzanar Cemetery Historic Entrance

Alabama Hills [July 2010]
[1-015.jpg] [IMG_1069++.jpg] [IMG_1079++.jpg]
from Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitor Center Sierra Nevada and Alabama Hills from State Route 136
[IMG_1070++.jpg] [DSC02602+.jpg]
Whitney Portal Road entering Alabama Hills
Recreation Lands
from Whitney Portal Road

20 Lakes Basin Loop [July 2010]
[4-33.jpg] [4-47.jpg] [4-52.jpg]
Mount Conness, North Peak and
Lake Helen
North Peak and Shamrock Lake North Peak and Steelhead Lake

Death Valley National Park [December 2009]
[1-68+.jpg] [2-29.jpg] [2-56.jpg]
Eureka Sand Dunes (Eureka Dunes) Salt Creek / Salt Creek
Interpretive Trail
Moving Rocks, Racetrack Playa

Manzanar & Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest [August 2009]
[1-41.jpg] [1-41.jpg] [IMG_0735+.jpg]
Historic Entrance, Manzanar N.H.S. Mt. Williamson and Manzanar
Sierra View (Sierra View Vista Point)
[IMG_0761.jpg] [IMG_0777+.jpg] [IMG_0791+.jpg]
Cottonwood Basin Overlook
Trail, Patriarch Grove
White Mountain Peak from White Mountain Road Discovery Trail, Schulman

Eastern Sierra Scenic Drive [June 2009]
[5-12.jpg] [5-20.jpg] [5-25.jpg]
Palisades and CA State Route 168 Laurel Mountain and Convict Lake Sherwin Range from Hilltop
Hot Spring
[6-01.jpg] [6-11.jpg] [6-21.jpg]
Mammoth Crest and Twin Lakes Crystal Crag and Lake Mary Ellery Lake

Virginia Lakes & Crystal Lake Trail [October 2008]
[1-14.jpg] [2-20.jpg]
Black Mountain and Big Virginia Lake (Big Valley Lake) Crystal Crag, Mammoth Crest and Crystal Lake

Death Valley National Park [August 2008]
[1-04.jpg] [2-09.jpg] [2-16.jpg]
Death Valley from Dante's View Zabriskie Point Golden Canyon Trail

20 Lakes Basin [July 2008]
[2-06.jpg] [2-13.jpg] [2-31.jpg]
North Peak and Saddlebag Lake Mount Conness, North Peak and Greenstone Lake North Peak and Steelhead Lake
[2-34.jpg] [2-35.jpg] [2-36.jpg]
Tioga Crest, Lake Helen and Excelsior Lake Shepherd Crest and Potter Lake North Peak and Cascade

North Fork Lone Pine Creek [June 2008]
[1-01.jpg] [2-12.jpg] [2-14.jpg] [2-22.jpg]
Mt. Williamson from Manzanar
Cemetery (Manzanar N.H.S.)
North Fork Lone Pine Creek Trail Mammoth Peak and Tioga Lake

Long Valley [May 2008]
Sierra Nevada from Obsidian Dome
Sherwin Range (Mount Morgan, Mount Morrison and Laurel Mountain) from Owens River Road

Alabama Hills & Southern Sierra [April 2008]
[2-06.jpg] [2-12.jpg] [2-15.jpg]
Lone Pine Peak and Mount Whitney from Alabama Hills Mount Whitney from Whitney
Portal Road
Kennedy Meadows Campground

Lone Pine & Upper Boy Scout Lake [June 2007]
[1-37.jpg] [2-046.jpg] [2-068.jpg]
Sierra Crest from Lone Pine Narrow
Gauge Road
Lower Boy Scout Lake Upper Boy Scout Lake

Sonora Pass & Mono Lake [June 2007]
[1-30.jpg] [2-052.jpg] [2-109.jpg]
above Sonora Pass Mono Lake from CA 120 (Mono Basin Scenic Area) Saddlebag Lake

Eastern Sierra Scenic Drive [May 2007]
[1-54.jpg] [1-83.jpg] [2-008.jpg]
Tioga Lake Rock Creek Lake Convict Lake
[2-016.jpg] [2-068.jpg] [2-093.jpg]
Ritter Range from Minaret Vista Carson Peak and June Lake Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve

Alabama Hills & Manzanar [March 2007]
[2-08.jpg] [2-15.jpg] [2-41.jpg] [2-47.jpg]
Mount Whitney and Alabama Hills Manzanar National Historic Site Manzanar Cemetery

Treasure Lakes Trail [July 2006]
[2-15.jpg] [2-19.jpg] [2-20.jpg] [2-29.jpg]
Hurd Peak and
Treasure Lakes Trail
Lowest Treasure Lake Mt. Johnson and Lowest Treasure
South Lake from Treasure Lakes

Saline Valley [June 2006]

Death Valley National Park [March 2006]
[1-03.jpg] [2-09.jpg] [2-11.jpg] [2-25.jpg]
Charcoal Kilns Natural Bridge Trail Golden Canyon Interpretive Trail

First Lake of Big Pine Lakes [July 2005]
[3-03+.jpg] [3-08.jpg] [3-11.jpg] [3-13.jpg]
Middle Palisade from North Fork Trail Castle Crag and First Lake North Fork Trail and North Fork Big
Pine Creek

White Mountain Road [July 2005]
[2-03+.jpg] [2-09+.jpg] [2-11.jpg]
Sierra Nevada from Sierra View Vista Point White Mountain Peak and White Mountain
short climb off the Road

Mammoth Mountain [June 2003]
[2-06.jpg] [2-09.jpg] [2-11.jpg]
Ritter Range from Mammoth Mountain
Mammoth Crest and Mammoth Lakes

Tioga Lake & June Lake Loop [May 2002]
[1-20.jpg] [2-13.jpg] [2-19.jpg]
Mount Dana and Tioga Lake Carson Peak, Silver Lake and June
Lake Loop
Mono Lake and Highway 395 from
Mono Lake Vista

Kearsarge Pass [September 2000]
[GilbertLake-01.jpg] [NamelessPyramid-03.jpg] [KearsargePass-01.jpg]
Nameless Pyramid and Gilbert Lake Nameless Pyramid from Kearsarge
Kearsarge Pinnacles and Kearsarge
Lakes (Sequoia National Park)
from Kearsarge Pass

Ruby Lake & Mono Pass [August 2000]
[MonoPassTrail-02.jpg] [RubyLake-05.jpg] [MonoPass_S-01.jpg]
Mono Pass Trail junction with Morgan
Pass Trail
Ruby Lake from Mono Pass Trail Mono Pass

Greenstone Lake [July 2000]
[SaddlebagLake-01.jpg] [ConnessLakesTrail-05.jpg] [GreenstoneLake-01.jpg]
Saddlebag Lake Shepherd Crest and Excelsior
Mountain from Conness Lakes Trail
North Peak and Greenstone Lake

Piute Pass Trail [July 2000]
[MountEmerson-02.jpg] [LostLakesPeak-01.jpg] [PiuteLake-01.jpg]
Mount Emerson
and Loch Leven
Lost Lakes Peak from Piute Pass Trail Piute Pass and Piute Lake

Hall Natural Area & Mammoth Lakes [June 2000]
[GreenTrebleLake-02.jpg] [LakeMary-03.jpg] [MinaretVista-01.jpg]
Mount Conness and Green Treble
Crystal Crag and Lake George Ritter Range from Minaret Vista

Big Pine Lakes [June 1997]

Saline Valley [March 1996]

Peeler Lake & Matterhorn Peak [September 1995]
[2-22.jpg] [3-11.jpg] [3-18.jpg] [3-20.jpg]
Sawtooth Ridge and Matterhotn
Peak from Mule Pass
Matterhorn Peak from Burro Pass
[3-25.jpg] [3-30.jpg] [3-34.jpg]
Southwest slope of
Matterhorn Peak
Finger Peaks, Crown Point, Sawtooth Ridge and Upper Piute
Creek from Matterhorn Peak summit
North Peak, Mount Conness, Sheep
Peak, Mount Lyell, Stanton Peak and
Grey Butte
Virginia Lakes & Summit Lake [September 1995]

Cottonwood Lakes Trail [October 1989]
Cirque Peak, Peak 3915m, Mount Langley and Cottonwood Lakes Trail

Major Destinations of Eastern Sierra