[albums] Photo Albums / Sierra Nevada
Yosemite National Park
Albums of photos from trips visiting Yosemite National Park located in Sierra Nevada.
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Tioga Road Eastbound [October 2020]
[IMG_1816+.jpg] [IMG_1817+.jpg]
Big Oak Flat Entrance Tioga Pass Entrance

Yosemite Valley [July 2020]

Tioga Road Westbound [August 2019]

Tioga Road Eastbound [August 2019]

Pacific Crest Trail (Tuolumne Meadows to Dorothy Lake Pass) [September 2018]
[IMG_6769+.jpg] [IMG_6839++.jpg] [IMG_6970+.jpg]
Smedberg Lake Benson Lake Black bear
[IMG_0443+44.jpg] [IMG_7096+97+.jpg]
Wilma Lake Forsyth Peak and Dorothy Lake

John Muir Trail (Donohue Pass to Yosemite Valley) [September 2018]
[IMG_5957+58+.jpg] [IMG_6011.jpg]
Cathedral Range from Donohue Pass Lyell Fork
[IMG_0381.jpg] [IMG_0389+.jpg] [IMG_6418.jpg]
Cathedral Peak and Upper
Cathedral Lake
Cathedral Peak and Echo Peaks Half Dome, Mt. Broderick,
Liberty Cap and Nevada Fall

Tioga Road [July 2017]

Yosemite Valley [May 2017]

Yosemite Scenic Drive [September 2016]
[IMG_4038.jpg] [IMG_4064.jpg] [IMG_4069+.jpg]
Tunnel View Valley View Glacier Point

Ten Lakes [August 2016]

Dog Lake [May 2016]
[IMG_1787+.jpg] [IMG_2588.jpg] [IMG_2607.jpg]
Dog Lake Mt. Dana, Mt. Gibbs and
Mammoth Peak over Dog Lake
Cathedral Peak from Dog Lake

Tioga Road Westbound [May 2016]
[IMG_1756.jpg] [IMG_2555.jpg] [IMG_2632.jpg]
Dana Meadows Tuolumne Meadows Olmsted Point

Hetch Hetchy Valley [March 2016]
[IMG_1610+.jpg] [IMG_1646+45+.jpg]
O'Shaughnessy Dam and Hetch Hetchy
Hetch Hetchy Dome, Kolana Rock and Hetch Hetchy
[IMG_1656.jpg] [IMG_1661.jpg] [IMG_1670.jpg] [IMG_1678++.jpg]
Tueeulala Falls Wapama Falls Wapama Falls Wapama Falls Trail

Tioga Road [October 2015]

Tioga Road Westbound [September 2014]

Four Mile Trail [May 2014]

Fairview Dome [July 2010]
[3-039.jpg] [3-047.jpg] [3-056.jpg] [3-069.jpg]
Southeast face of
Fairview Dome
Cathedral Peak from Fairview
South slope of Fairview
Fairview Dome from
Fairview Dome Trail

Sentinel Dome [July 2010]
[1-25.jpg] [1-31.jpg] [1-34.jpg] [1-37.jpg]
North Dome and Basket
Yosemite Falls Sentinel Dome from
Sentinel Dome Trail

Tioga Road Westbound [June 2009]
[6-29.jpg] [6-37.jpg] [6-46+.jpg]
Mammoth Peak from Tioga Pass Dana Meadows Lembert Dome

Yosemite Valley [March 2009]
[40.jpg] [56.jpg] [60.jpg] [70.jpg]
Yosemite Falls Lower Yosemite Fall Bridalveil Fall Bridalveil Fall
from Tunnel View

May Lake [July 2008]
[1-04.jpg] [1-16.jpg]
Cathedral Peak to Tenaya Peak
from May Lake Trail
May Lake
[1-20.jpg] [1-22+.jpg] [1-23.jpg]
Mount Hoffmann
(eastern peaks) and
May Lake
Cathedral Peak to Tenaya Peak and
May Lake
Cathedral Peak and May Lake

Lyell Fork [May 2008]
[1-12.jpg] [1-17+.jpg] [1-20.jpg]
Tenaya Lake Mammoth Peak from Lyell Canyon Trail Lyell Fork

Tioga Road [May 2007]
[1-12.jpg] [1-21.jpg] [1-41.jpg]
Olmsted Point Tenaya Lake near Tioga Pass

Yosemite Falls Trail & Hetch Hetchy [April 2007]
[1-31.jpg] [1-53.jpg] [2-14.jpg]
Upper Yosemite Fall
from Yosemite Falls
Top of Yosemite Falls (Yosemite
Falls Overlook)
Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

Yosemite Valley & Tioga Road [July 2005]
[1-08.jpg] [1-10.jpg] [1-11.jpg]
Valley View South Fork Tuolumne River Half Dome from Olmsted Point
[1-14.jpg] [1-16.jpg] [1-18+.jpg]
Mount Conness and Tenaya Lake
from Olmsted Point
Tuolumne Meadows Mammoth Peak from Tioga Pass

Tioga Road & Glacier Point [June 2003]
[1-01.jpg] [1-06.jpg] [2-14.jpg]
from Olmsted Point Mammoth Peak and Dana Fork
(Dana Meadows)
from Glacier Point

Elizabeth Lake [August 2000]
[UnicornCreek-02.jpg] [ElizabethLake-04.jpg] [ElizabethLake-03.jpg]
Unicorn Creek from Elizabeth Lake
Johnson Peak and Elizabeth Lake

Panorama Trail [July 2000]
[HalfDome-04.jpg] [HalfDome-07.jpg] [NevadaFall-01.jpg]
Half Dome, Nevad Fall and Vernal
Fall from Panorama Traill
Half Dome from Panorama Point Nevada Fall from
Mist Trail

Gaylor Peak [July 2000]
[MountDana-03.jpg] [MammothPeak-06.jpg] [CathedralRange-03.jpg]
Mount Dana from Gaylor Peak
Kuna Crest and Mammoth Peak Cathedral Range and Gaylor Lakes
[GraniteLakes-01.jpg] [TiogaLake-03.jpg] [GaylorPeak-02.jpg]
Peak 11,887 and Granite Lakes Tioga Peak and Tioga Lake Gaylor Peak summit

Mirror Lake [May 2000]
[TenayaCreek-02.jpg] [MirrorLake-02.jpg] [MirrorLake-06.jpg]
Mirror Lake outlet
(Tenaya Creek)
Mount Watkins and Mirror Lake

Budd Lake [September 1999]
[BuddLakeTrail-04.jpg] [BuddLake-04.jpg] [BuddLake-02.jpg]
Mount Conness and White Mountain
from Budd Lake Trail
Cockscomb and Budd Lake Cathedral Peak and Budd Lake

Tenaya Peak [August 1996]
[34.jpg] [33.jpg] [36.jpg]
Tenaya Lake from Tenaya Peak
Mount Conness and Cathedral Peak Clouds Rest and Half Dome

May Lake & Mount Hoffmann [July 1996]

Mule Pass & Matterhorn Peak [September 1995]
[2-22.jpg] [3-19.jpg] [3-28.jpg]
Sawtooth Ridge and Matterhotn Peak
from Mule Pass
Matterhotn Peak, Whorl Mountain
and Burro Pass
Sawtooth Ridge from Matterhorn
Peak summit

Young Lakes & Mount Conness [August 1995]
[1-13.jpg] [2-13.jpg] [2-44.jpg]
Mount Conness from Young Lakes Trail Ragged Peak and Upper Young Lake Shepherd Crest and North Peak from
Mount Conness summit

Cathedral Lakes & Cathedral Peak [August 1995]
[1-16.jpg] [2-02.jpg] [2-33.jpg]
Cathedral Peak and Lower Cathedral
Cathedral Peak and Upper Cathedral
Mt. Conness, White Mountain and
Tuolumne Meadows from
Cathedral Peak summit

Half Dome & Quarter Domes [July 1995]
[1-11.jpg] [2-10.jpg] [2-26.jpg] [3-10.jpg]
Liberty Cap and
Nevada Fall from
John MuirTrail
Half Dome, El Capitan and North
Dome from Upper Quarter Dome
Half Dome summit Nevada Fall from
Mist Trail

Tuolumne River & Glen Aulin [July 1995]
[2-11.jpg] [3-09.jpg] [3-32.jpg]
Unicorn Peak, Cockscomb and
Tuolumne River
Cathedral Range from Peak 8,886
White Cascade

Lembert Dome [July 1995]
[1-32.jpg] [1-45.jpg] [1-48.jpg]
Lembert Dome summit and
Tuolumne Peak
Cathedral Peak from Lembert Dome
Lembert Dome and Tuolumne
Meadows Bridge

Yosemite Valley & Chilnualna Falls [June 1995]
[1-12.jpg] [2-03.jpg] [2-08.jpg] [2-13.jpg]
Bridalveil Fall from
Bridalveil Fall
Chilnualna Creek
from Chilnualna
Falls Trail
Top of Lower Chilnualna Fall Upper Chilnualna

Nevada Fall & Half Dome [June 1995]
[1-09.jpg] [2-28.jpg] [2-30.jpg]
Nevada Fall
from Clark Point
(John Muir Trail)
Half Dome summit and Clouds Rest Half Dome summit and Half Dome

Upper Yosemite Fall & North Dome [June 1995]
[1-14.jpg] [1-26.jpg] [2-08.jpg]
Upper Yosemite
North Dome and Half Dome from
Yosemite Point
Half Dome from North Dome summit

Four Mile Trail & Panorama Trail [May 1995]
[15.jpg] [24.jpg] [47.jpg]
Yosemite Falls
from 4-Mile Trail
Half Dome from Glacier Point Half Dome and Clouds Rest from
Panorama Trail