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Sierra Nevada Mountains
Albums of photos from trips visiting Sierra Nevada Mountains in the West.
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Major Destinations

Devils Postpile National Monument [June 2020]

Tahoe Basin [June 2020]

Tioga Pass Road [August 2019]

Sierra Nevada Traverse (Tehachapi Pass to Sierra City) [Aug - Oct 2018]
[IMG_9716+.jpg] [IMG_3671.jpg] [IMG_0226_6.jpg]
Bear sighting on Day 2 Upper Rae Lake Palisades from Mather Pass
[IMG_5075+76.jpg] [IMG_7094+.jpg] [IMG_0519.jpg]
from Silver Pass Forsyth Peak and Dorothy Lake Pyramid Peak and Lake Aloha
(Desolation Wilderness)

John Muir Trail Northbound [Aug - Sep 2018]
[IMG_4053+.jpg] [IMG_4499_1.jpg] [IMG_4839+.jpg]
Lake Marjorie Muir Pass Marie Lake from Selden Pass
[IMG_5784+.jpg] [IMG_6011.jpg] [IMG_0381.jpg]
Banner Peak and Garnet Lake Lyell Fork Cathedral Peak and Upper
Cathedral Lake

Mount Whitney [August 2018]
[IMG_2478+.jpg] [IMG_2506.jpg] [IMG_2538.jpg]
Mt. Hitchcock and Hitchcock Lakes
from John Muir Trail
Mt. Whitney summit seen Summit Shelter
[IMG_0166.jpg] [IMG_2568.jpg] [IMG_2574.jpg]
Mt. Williamson, Trojan Peak, Mt.
Barnard, Mt. Hale and Mt.
Russell from summit
Whitney Crest from summit Keeler Needle and Day Needle

Tioga Pass Road [July 2017]

Edison Lake and Florence Lake [June 2017]

Tioga Pass Road [May 2016]
[IMG_2476.jpg] [IMG_2481.jpg] [IMG_2490+.jpg]
Lee Vining Canyon Mount Dana and Tioga Lake Tioga Pass
[IMG_1756.jpg] [IMG_2555.jpg] [IMG_2632.jpg]
Dana Meadows Tuolumne Meadows Olmsted Point

Giant Sequoia National Monument [May 2016]

Hetch Hetchy Valley & Cherry Lake Road [March 2016]
[IMG_1604+.jpg] [IMG_1610+.jpg] [IMG_1628.jpg]
Hetch Hetchy Valley O'Shaughnessy Dam and
 Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
Hetch Hetchy Dome, Kolana Rock
 and Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
[IMG_1656.jpg] [IMG_1670.jpg] [IMG_1729+.jpg] [IMG_1735.jpg]
Tueeulala Falls Wapama Falls Cherry Lake Kirwood Power House
 from Cherry Lake Road

Carson Pass Highway [February 2016]

Tioga Pass Road [October 2015]

Devils Postpile National Monument [October 2015]

Sequoia & Kings Canyon [April 2014]

Giant Sequoia National Monument [April 2014]

Golden Trout Lakes Trail, Mono Lake & Fairview Dome [July 2010]
[1-031.jpg] [1-070.jpg] [1-081.jpg] [2-063.jpg]
Mount Williamson from
Manzanar Nat'l Historic Site
Kearsarge Peak and
Golden Trout Falls
from Golden Trout
Lakes Trail
University Peak Twin Falls and Twin
Lakes (Mammoth
[2-108.jpg] [2-112.jpg] [3-056.jpg] [3-046.jpg]
Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve (Mono Lake
South Tufa)
South slope of Fairview
Cathedral Peak from
Fairview Dome

Sentinel Dome, Devils Postpile & 20 Lakes Basin [July 2010]
[1-37.jpg] [2-090.jpg] [3-31.jpg]
Sentinel Dome from Sentinel
Dome Trail
Devils Postpile Rainbow Falls
[4-32.jpg] [4-51.jpg] [4-94.jpg]
North Peak and Helen Lake North Peak and
Steelhead Lake
Quarter Domes and Half Dome
from Olmsted Point Scenic

Ebetts Pass & Carson Pass [June 2009]
[18.jpg] [26.jpg] [36.jpg]
Ebetts Pass Highway 4 and 89 Carson Pass

Walker Pass & Kern Canyon [May 2009]
[2-12.jpg] [2-23.jpg] [2-30.jpg]
Walker Pass Camground Lake Isabella Johnsondale Bridge

Sequoia & Kings Canyon [June 2008]
[1-16+.jpg] [2-04.jpg] [2-33.jpg]
Great Western Divide from Moro Rock,
Sequoia National Park
General Grant Grove, Kings
Canyon National Park
Kings Canyon and Highway
180 from Junction View
(Giant Sequoia N.M.)

Upper Boy Scout Lake [June 2007]
[2-046.jpg] [2-053.jpg] [2-068.jpg]
Lower Boy Scout Lake Day Needle, Keeler Needle and
Mount Whitney
Mount Russell and Upper Boy Scout
[2-072.jpg] [2-094.jpg]
Upper Boy Scout Lake with Mount Russell Thor Peak and Upper Boy Scout Lake

Sonora Pass & Twin Lakes [June 2007]
[1-29.jpg] [1-35+.jpg] [1-78.jpg]
Sonora Pass Sonora Peak Twin Lakes

Mammoth Mountain [June 2003]
[2-06.jpg] [2-09.jpg] [2-11.jpg]
Ritter Range from Mammoth Mountain
Mammoth Crest and Mammoth Lakes

Kearsarge Pass [September 2000]
[GilbertLake-01.jpg] [NamelessPyramid-03.jpg] [KearsargePass-01.jpg]
Nameless Pyramid and Gilbert Lake
from Kearsarge Pass Trail
Nameless Pyramid from Kearsarge Pass Kearsarge Pinnacles and Kearsarge
Lakes (Kings Canyon Nat'l Park)
from Kearsarge Pass

Mono Pass [August 2000]
[MonoPassTrail-02.jpg] [RubyLake-05.jpg] [MonoPass_S-01.jpg]
Mono Pass Trail junction with
Morgan Pass Trail
Bear Creek Spire and Ruby Lake
from Mono Pass Trail
Mono Pass

Gaylor Peak [July 2000]
[MountDana-03.jpg] [MammothPeak-06.jpg] [CathedralRange-03.jpg]
Mount Dana from Gaylor Peak
Kuna Crest and Mammoth Peak Cathedral Range and Gaylor Lakes
[GraniteLakes-01.jpg] [TiogaLake-03.jpg] [GaylorPeak-02.jpg]
Peak 11,887 and Granite Lakes Tioga Peak and Tioga Lake Gaylor Peak summit

Big Pine Lakes [June 1997]

Tenaya Peak [August 1996]
[34.jpg] [33.jpg] [36.jpg]
Tenaya Lake from Tenaya Peak
Mount Conness and Cathedral Peak Clouds Rest and Half Dome

Matterhorn Peak [September 1995]
[2-22.jpg] [3-11.jpg] [3-18.jpg] [3-20.jpg]
Sawtooth Ridge and Matterhotn
Peak from Mule Pass
Matterhorn Peak from Burro Pass
[3-25.jpg] [3-30.jpg] [3-34.jpg]
Southwest slope of
Matterhorn Peak
Finger Peaks, Crown Point, Sawtooth Ridge and Upper Piute
Creek from Matterhorn Peak summit
North Peak, Mount Conness, Sheep
Peak, Mount Lyell, Stanton Peak and
Grey Butte

Mount Conness [August 1995]
[1-13.jpg] [2-31.jpg] [2-34.jpg]
Mount Conness from Young Lakes Trail Mount Conness summit
[2-44.jpg] [2-53.jpg] [2-57.jpg]
Shepherd Crest and North Peak
from Mount Conness summit
Steep descent Mount Conness summit

Cathedral Peak [August 1995]
[2-07.jpg] [2-36.jpg] [2-37.jpg]
Cathedral Peak and Upper Cathedral
Cockscomb, Echo Ridge and Budd
Lake from Cathedral Peak summit
Tresidder Peak and Upper Cathedral

Major Destinations of Sierra Nevada