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デス・バレー国立公園 (2008)
Album of photos from a 3-day driving/hiking trip, in mid-summer, to Death Valley National Park and vicinity in California and Nevada (August 2008).

Day 1 - Dante's View & Stovepipe Wells Village
Death Valley
from Dante's View
Sand Dunes from Highway 190 Rainbow from
Stovepipe Wells Village

Day 2 - Zabriskie Point & Golden Canyon
Sand Dunes Devil's Corn Field
and Highway 190
Zabriskie Point
Golden Canyon
Interpretive Trail
Artist's Palette Twenty Mule Team Canyon

Day 3 - Mosaic Canyon
Daylight Pass Road Stovepipe Wells Village Mosaic Canyon
Cottonwood Lakes
Virginia Lakes &
 Summit Lake
Saline Valley
Big Pine Lakes
Hall Natural Area &
 Mammoth Lakes
Piute Pass Trail
Ruby Lake &
 Mono Pass
Kearsarge Pass
Tioga Lake &
 June Lake Loop
デス・バレー ('06)
Saline Valley ('06)
Treasure Lakes Trail
Alabama Hills &
Sonora Pass &
 Mono Lake
Lone Pine &
 Upper Boy Scout Lake
Alabama Hills &
 Southern Sierra
North Fork Lone Pine
デス・バレー ('08)
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Virginia Lakes &
 Crystal Lake Trail
Manzanar &
 Ancient Bristlecone
 Pine Forest
デス・バレー ('09)

Yosemite/Eastern Sierra


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