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ルビー・レイク & モノ・パス
 (Ruby Lake & Mono Pass)
Album of photos from a driving/hiking trip to Ruby Lake and Mono Pass approached from Eastern Sierra, the eastern side of Sierra Nevada Mountains (August 2000).
Mono Pass Trail junction
with Morgan Pass Trail
Ruby Lake from
Mono Pass Trail
Mono Pass
Cottonwood Lakes
Virginia Lakes &
 Summit Lake
Saline Valley
Big Pine Lakes
Hall Natural Area &
 Mammoth Lakes
Piute Pass Trail
Ruby Lake &
 Mono Pass
to Mono Pass
from Mono Pass
Kearsarge Pass
Tioga Lake &
 June Lake Loop
Death Valley ('06)
Saline Valley ('06)
Treasure Lakes Trail
Alabama Hills &
Sonora Pass &
 Mono Lake
Lone Pine &
 Upper Boy Scout Lake
Alabama Hills &
 Southern Sierra
North Fork Lone Pine
Death Valley ('08)
Virginia Lakes &
 Crystal Lake Trail
Manzanar &
 Ancient Bristlecone
 Pine Forest
Death Valley ('09)

Yosemite/Eastern Sierra


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