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Mojave National Preserve &
 Death Valley National Park
Album of photos from a 3-day driving/hiking (photo-taking) trip to Mojave National Preserve and Death Valley National Park in California and Nevada (December 2010).

Day 1 - Mojave National Preserve
Kelbaker Road (north) entering
Mojave National Preserve
Kelso Depot Visitor Center
off Kelso Cima Road
Mid Hills to Hole-in-the-
Wall Trail (south) from
Wild Horse Canyon Road
Hole In The Wall Visitor
Center (Hole-in- the-Wall
Information Center)
Hole In The Wall
Campground (Hole-in-
the-Wall Campground)
Mojave Road (west)
from Kelso Cima Road

Day 2 - Death Valley National Park
Death Valley Buttes, Hells
Gate and Daylight Pass Road
Salt Creek Trailhead Scotty's Castle
The Grandstand in The
Racetrack (Racetrack Playa)
Moving Rocks
in The Racetrack
Hunter Mountain Road
in Cottonwood Mountains

Day 3 - Eastern Sierra
Mount Whiney from Dow
Villa Motel, Lone Pine
Lone Pine Peak, Mount
Whitney and Mount Russell
from Highway 136
Lone Pine Peak
and Mount Whitney
from Owenyo Road
Mount Whitney
from Long John
Canyon Road
Mount Whitney from
Tuttle Creek Road
Split Mountain (in clouds),
Mount Tinemaha and Taboose
Creek Road from Tinnemaha Road

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