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Highway 108
 (California State Route 108)
Original photo collection of sceneries along Highway 108 (California State Route 108, California 108, SR 108), a.k.a. Sonora Pass Highway, running across Sierra Nevada Mountains (California, USA).


Stanislaus National Forest

Cascade Creek Campground (Cascade Campground)
Cascade Creek
Campground entrance
and Highway 108

Mill Creek Campground (Mill Campground)
Mill Creek
Campground entrance
and Highway 108

Donnell Vista (Donnell Vista Point)
Donnell Vista Point Donnell Lake from
Donnell Vista Point

Boulder Flat Campground
Boulder Flat
Campground entrance
and Highway 108

Brightman Flat Campground
Brightman Flat
Campground entrance
and Highway 108


Dardanelle Campground (Dardanelles Campground)
Dardanelle Campground
from Highway 108

Pigeon Flat Campground
Pigeon Flat
Campground entrance
off Highway 108

Eureka Valley Campground
Eureka Valley
Campground entrance
from Highway 108

Kennedy Meadow Road
Baker Campground from
Kennedy Meadow Road
Kennedy Meadow Trailhead
off Kennedy Meadow Rd
Deadman Campground
from Kennedy Meadow Rd
Kennedy Meadow Resort

Night Cap Peak from Highway
Night Cap Peak from Highway 108

Along Deadman Creek
Highway 108 (east)
along Deadman Creek
Sonora Peak
and Deadman Creek
Pacific Crest Peak (?) and Deadman Creek
from Highway 108

Saint Mary's Pass Trailhead (St. Marys Pass Trailhead)
Saint Mary's Pass
Pacific Crest Peak and
Highway 108 from Saint
Mary's Pass Trailhead

Sonora Pass
Highway 108 (east)
at Sonora Pass
Pacific Crest Peak and
Pacific Crest Trail (south)
Sonora Peak and Highway 108 (west)

Toiyabe National Forest (Bridgeport Ranger District)
Highway 108 into
Toiyabe National Forest

Hoover Wilderness from Highway
Latopie Peak, Pacific Crest Peak (Peak 11,245)
and Peak 10,990+ (Hoover Wilderness)
from Highway 108 below Sonora Pass

Leavitt Lake Trailhead

Leavitt Falls Vista (Leavitt Falls Vista Point)
Leavitt Falls Vista
off Highway 108
Leavitt Falls from
Leavitt Falls Vista
West Walker River and Leavitt
Meadow from Leavitt Falls Vista

Leavitt Trailhead (Leavitt Meadows Trailhead)
Leavitt Trailhead (Leavitt
Meadows Trailhead)
off Highway 108

Leavitt Meadows Campground
Leavitt Meadows
Campground entrance
off Highway 108

Pickel Meadow Wildlife Area
Pickel Meadow Wildlife Area
from Highway 108

Sonora Bridge Campground
Sonora Bridge
Campground entrance
off Highway 108

Sonora Junction - Highway 395 (U.S. Route 395)
Highway 108 (west)
at Sonora Junction

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