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National Parks in U.S. & Canada
Albums of photos from trips visiting National Parks in U.S. and Canada.
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Great Basin National Park [October 2020]
[IMG_2617.jpg] [IMG_2621.jpg] [IMG_2631.jpg]
Great Basin National Park entrance Wheeler Peak from Mather
Wheeler Peak Summit Trailhead

Capitol Reef National Park [October 2020]
[IMG_2676.jpg] [IMG_2684+.jpg] [IMG_2532+.jpg]
Capitol Gorge Trail The Tanks Capitol Reef Scenic Drive
[IMG_2557+56.jpg] [IMG_2579.jpg] [IMG_2714.jpg]
Hickman Bridge Trail Hickman Natural Bridge

Arches National Park [October 2020]
[IMG_2249.jpg] [IMG_2283.jpg] [IMG_2551.jpg]
Delicate Arch Pine Tree Arch Tunnel Arch
[IMG_2314+.jpg] [IMG_1026.jpg] [IMG_2584.jpg]
Landscape Arch Partition Arch Double O Arch

Canyonlands National Park [October 2020]
[IMG_2450+.jpg] [IMG_2442+.jpg] [IMG_2184.jpg]
The Needles from Main Park Road Big Spring Canyon Overlook
[IMG_2481.jpg] [IMG_2223+24.jpg] [IMG_2228.jpg]
from Green River Overlook from Grand View Point from Candlestick Tower Overlook

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area [October 2020]
[IMG_2111.jpg] [IMG_2346.jpg] [IMG_2349+.jpg]
Cathedral Rock from Historic
Navajo Bridge
Lake Powell Glen Canyon Dam

Grand Canyon National Park [October 2020]
[IMG_2292.jpg] [IMG_2301+00.jpg] [IMG_2308.jpg]
from Transept Trail Oza Butte and the Transept from Cape Royal Trail
[IMG_0993+94.jpg] [IMG_2104.jpg] [IMG_E2337.jpg]
from Cape Royal Point from Point Imperial Colorado River from Historic
Navajo Bridge

Bryce Canyon National Park [October 2020]
[IMG_0978.jpg] [IMG_2237.jpg] [IMG_0980.jpg]
from Sunset Point from Sunrise Point Queens Garden Trail
[IMG_0984.jpg] [IMG_2259.jpg] [IMG_2016.jpg]
Queens Garden from Navajo Trail from Bryce Point

Zion National Park [October 2020]
[IMG_0963.jpg] [IMG_1854.jpg] [IMG_1866.jpg]
South Entrance Zion Canyon (Riverside Walk) The Watchman (Pa'rus Trail)
[IMG_1883.jpg] [IMG_1897.jpg] [IMG_1904.jpg]
Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway Checkerboard Mesa East Entrance

Yosemite National Park [July 2020]

Devils Postpile National Monument [July 2020]

Mojave National Preserve [November 2019]
[IMG_0919.jpg] [IMG_0921.jpg] [IMG_1320+.jpg]
Lanfair Road Entrance Cedar Canyon Road
[IMG_0923.jpg] [IMG_0826.jpg] [IMG_0827.jpg]
Mojave Road at Kelso Cima Road Kelso Depot Visitor Center Kelbaker Road

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument [November 2019]
[IMG_0858+.jpg] [IMG_0880+.jpg] [IMG_0823.jpg]
Organ Pipe Cactus Nat'l Monument Organ Pipe Cactus from Ajo Mountain Drive
[IMG_0889.jpg] [IMG_0900.jpg] [IMG_0906+.jpg]
from Ajo Mountain Drive Double Arch Estes Canyon Trailhead

Saguaro National Park (Tucson Mountain Unit) [November 2019]
[IMG_0808.jpg] [IMG_0829+.jpg] [IMG_1278.jpg]
Desert Discovery Trail Hugh Norris Trail
[IMG_1284.jpg] [IMG_0847+.jpg] [IMG_0850+.jpg] [IMG_1291.jpg]
Valley View Trail

Chiricahua National Monument [November 2019]
[IMG_0766+.jpg] [IMG_0793.jpg] [IMG_0779.jpg]
Bonita Canyon Drive from Massai Point Trail
[IMG_1250.jpg] [IMG_0799_2.jpg] [IMG_0801.jpg]
from Massai Point Trail from Bonita Canyon Drive

Guadalupe Mountains National Park [November 2019]
[IMG_1232++.jpg] [IMG_0745.jpg] [IMG_0752.jpg]
Pine Springs Visitor Center McKittrick Canyon Visitor Center
[IMG_0747+.jpg] [IMG_1233.jpg] [IMG_0753+.jpg]
McKittrick Canyon Trailhead McKittrick Canyon Trail El Capitan from US 62

Carlsbad Caverns National Park [November 2019]
[IMG_0692.jpg] [IMG_1196.jpg] [IMG_1204.jpg]
Carlsbad Caverns Visitor Center Carlsbad Cavern / Big Room Trail
[IMG_0777.jpg] [IMG_0786.jpg] [IMG_0729.jpg] [IMG_1227+.jpg]
Carlsbad Cavern / Big Room Trail

White Sands National Monument [November 2019]
[IMG_0656+.jpg] [IMG_0657+.jpg] [IMG_0658.jpg]
White Sands Visitor Center Dunes Drive
[IMG_0765.jpg] [IMG_0672.jpg] [IMG_0674.jpg]
White Sand Dunes

Yosemite National Park [August 2019]

Death Valley National Park [March 2019]

Petrified Forest National Park [December 2018]

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument [December 2018]

Saguaro National Park [December 2018]

Yosemite National Park (PCT/JMT) [September 2018]
[IMG_5957+58+.jpg] [IMG_6011.jpg]
Cathedral Range from PCT/JMT at Donohue Pass Lyell Fork
[IMG_0381.jpg] [IMG_6769+.jpg] [IMG_7096+97+.jpg]
Cathedral Peak and Upper
Cathedral Lake
Smedberg Lake Forsyth Peak and Dorothy Lake

Devils Postpile National Monument (PCT/JMT) [August 2018]
[IMG_5316.jpg] [IMG_5319.jpg] [IMG_5320.jpg] [IMG_5323+.jpg]
PCT/JMt entering Devils Potpile
National Monument
Middle Fork San Joaquin River Mammoth Mountain

Kings Canyon National Park (PCT/JMT) [August 2018]
[IMG_3005+06.jpg] [IMG_IMG_3325.jpg] [IMG_3655+.jpg]
from PCT/JMT at Forester Pass Kearsarge Pass Painted Laday and Upper Rae
[IMG_4053+.jpg] [IMG_4168+.jpg] [IMG_4499_1.jpg]
Lake Marjorie Palisades from Mather Pass Muir Pass

Sequoia National Park (PCT/JMT) [August 2018]
[IMG_2271.jpg] [IMG_2396+.jpg] [IMG_2506.jpg]
Mt. Russell from PCT Mt. Hitchcock and Quitar Lake Mt. Whitney summit from JMT
[IMG_2568.jpg] [IMG_2758+.jpg] [IMG_2907.jpg]
Whitney Crest from summit Bighorn Plateau Kings-Kern Divide from PCT/JMT

Yellowstone National Park [August 2017]
[IMG_6542.jpg] [IMG_6573.jpg] [IMG_6624++.jpg]
Brink of Lower Falls Brink of Upper Falls Hayden Valley
[IMG_6397+.jpg] [IMG_6430.jpg] [IMG_3607+.jpg]
Abyss Pool Morning Glory Pool Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Teton National Park [August 2017]
[IMG_6271+.jpg] [IMG_6298++.jpg] [IMG_6329.jpg]
T.A. Moulton Barn and Grand Teton / Mormon
Teton Range from Jackson Lake Dam Hidden Falls
[IMG_6825.jpg] [IMG_6829.jpg] [IMG_3773+.jpg]
Mountain View Turnout Cathedral Group Turnout Jenny Lake Overlook

Lassen Volcanic National Park [June 2017]

Pinnacles National Park [April 2017]
[IMG_5024.jpg] [IMG_5041+.jpg] [IMG_5071+.jpg]
North Wilderness Trail High Peaks and North Chalone Peak
[IMG_2956.jpg] [IMG_5101.jpg] [IMG_2967+.jpg]
Balconies from Old Pinnacles
Baloconies Caves Trail Machete Ridge from Balconies Trail

Death Valley National Park [March 2017]
[IMG_4903.jpg] [IMG_4910.jpg] [IMG_4918.jpg]
Mosaic Canyon
[IMG_4929.jpg] [IMG_4931.jpg] [IMG_4932.jpg] [IMG_4933.jpg]
Salt Creek Pupfishes

Redwoods National Park [December 2016]

Joshua Tree National Park [November 2016]
[IMG_4207.jpg] [IMG_4268+.jpg] [IMG_4338.jpg]
Eureka Peak summit Indian Cove Nature Trail Fortynine Palms Oasis
[IMG_4459+60.jpg] [IMG_4481+.jpg]
San Jacinto Mountains and Coachella Valley from Keys View Hidden Valley Nature Trail

Yosemite National Park [September 2016]
[IMG_4038.jpg] [IMG_4064.jpg] [IMG_4069+.jpg]
Tunnel View Valley View Glacier Point

Oregon Caves National Monument [July 2016]

Crater Lake National Park [July 2016]
[IMG_3594.jpg] [IMG_3595+.jpg] [IMG_3603+02.jpg
from Merriam Point from near Palisade Point
[IMG_3614+.jpg] [IMG_3631.jpg] [IMG_3643+.jpg]
from near Skell Head from Watchman Overlook from near Discovery Point

Mount Rainier National Park [July 2016]
[IMG_3087.jpg] [IMG_3148.jpg] [IMG_3151.jpg]
Mount Rainier summit from
Dead Horse Creek Trail
Tatoosh Range from High Skyline Trail Mt. Rainier summit from High
Skyline Trail
[IMG_3233+.jpg] [IMG_3306.jpg] [IMG_3335.jpg]
Golden Gate Trail Reflection Lakes Tipsoo Lake

Olympic National Park [July 2016]

North Cascades National Park [July 2016]

Ross Lake National Recreation Area [July 2016]

Yosemite National Park [May 2016]
[IMG_1756.jpg] [IMG_2555.jpg] [IMG_2632.jpg]
Dana Meadows Tuolumne Meadows Olmsted Point

Pinnacles National Park [April 2016]
[IMG_1773+.jpg] [IMG_1806.jpg]
High Peaks from Peaks View Bear Gulch Reservoir Bear Gulch from Rim Trail
[IMG_1826.jpg] [IMG_1465_2.jpg] [IMG_1867.jpg]
Scout Peak from High Peaks Trail High Peaks descending High Peaks Trail

Yosemite National Park [March 2016]
[IMG_1604+.jpg] [IMG_1610+.jpg] [IMG_1628.jpg]
Hetch Hetchy Valley O'Shaughnessy Dam and
 Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
Hetch Hetchy Dome, Kolana Rock
 and Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
[IMG_1656.jpg] [IMG_1402_3+.jpg] [IMG_1670.jpg] [IMG_1709.jpg]
Tueeulala Falls Wapama Falls 3 waterfalls

Glen Canyon Nationa Recreation Area [December 2015]

Grand Canyon Nationa Park [December 2015]

Walnut Canyon Nationa Monument [December 2015]

Lake Mead Nationa Recreation Area [December 2015]

Death Valley National Park [October 2015]

Channel Islands National Park [July 2015]

Lake Mead National Recreation Area [September 2014]

Death Valley National Park [September 2014]

Grand Teton National Park [July 2014]
[IMG_1785.jpg] [IMG_1825.jpg] [IMG_1886+.jpg]
from Jaxkson Lake Overlook from Blacktail Ponds Overlook from Antelope Flats Road
[IMG_1913.jpg] [IMG_2005+.jpg] [IMG_2038++.jpg]
Jenny Lake Trail Grand Teton and Jenny Lake from Signal Mountain

Yellowstone National Park [July 2014]
[IMG_1670.jpg] [IMG_1703+.jpg] [IMG_1740+.jpg]
from Blacktail Plateau Drive Bisons crossing Yellowstone River West Thumb Geyser Basin
[IMG_1771.jpg] [IMG_2070.jpg] [IMG_2093.jpg] [IMG_2099.jpg]
Lewis Falls Old Faithful Geyser Grand Prismatic Spring White Dome Geyser

Glacier National Park [June 2014]

Yosemite National Park [May 2014]

Pinnacles National Park [May 2014]
[IMG_0845+.jpg] [IMG_0852+.jpg] [IMG_0853.jpg]
East Entrance Condor Gulch Overlook

Sequoia & Kings Canyon [April 2014]

Death Valley National Park [February 2014]

Joshua Tree National Park [February 2014]
[IMG_0554.jpg] [IMG_0553.jpg] [IMG_0559+.jpg]
view from ?? San Jacinto Mountains and Coachella Valley from
Keys View
[IMG_0560+.jpg] [IMG_0564+.jpg] [IMG_0566++.jpg]
Keys View Cap Rock Nature Trail Skull Rock

Death Valley National Park [February 2013]

Redwoods National Park [November 2012]

Lassen Volcanic National Park [August 2012]
[DSC04084.jpg] [DSC04086.jpg] [DSC04115+.jpg]
Lassen Peak and Lake Helen Lassen Peak Trailhead Summit Lake
[DSC04156.jpg] [DSC04162.jpg] [DSC04173.jpg]
from Bumpass Hell Trail Bumpass Hell

Death Valley National Park [April 2012]

Pinnacles National Monument [March 2012]
[IMG_3853.jpg] [IMG_3856+.jpg] [IMG_3864.jpg]
West Entrance, Pinnacles National
High Peaks from near Visitor Contact Station Balconies Trail

Yellowstone & Grand Teton [July 2011]

Rocky Mountain National Park [July 2011]

Canyonlands & Arches [July 2011]

Death Valley National Park [December 2010]
[2-20+.jpg] [2-32.jpg] [2-52+.jpg]
Death Valley Buttes, Hells Gate and
Daylight Pass Road
Salt Creek Trailhead Scotty's Castle
[2-57+.jpg] [2-63.jpg] [2-76.jpg]
The Grandstand in The Racetrack
(Racetrack Playa)
Moving Rocks in The Racetrack Hunter Mountain Road in
Cottonwood Mountains

Mojave National Preserve [December 2010]
[1-14+.jpg] [1-21+.jpg] [1-30.jpg]
Kelbaker Road (north) entering Mojave
National Preserve
Kelso Depot Visitor Center off Kelso
Cima Road
Mid Hills to Hole-in-the-Wall
Trail (south) from Wild Horse
Canyon Road
[1-36.jpg] [1-42.jpg] [1-49+.jpg]
Hole In The Wall Visitor Center
(Hole-in- the-Wall Information
Hole In The Wall Campground
(Hole-in-the-Wall Campground)
Mojave Road (west) from Kelso Cima

Yosemite National Park [July 2010]
[1-34.jpg] [1-31.jpg] [1-37.jpg]
Mount Watkins and Half Dome
from Sentinel Dome summit
Yosemite Falls Sentinel Dome from Sentinel
Dome Trail
[3-039.jpg] [3-047.jpg] [3-056.jpg] [3-069.jpg]
Southeast face of
Fairview Dome
Cathedral Peak from Fairview
South slope of Fairview
Fairview Dome from
Fairview Dome Trail

Devils Postpile National Monument [July 2010]
[2-086.jpg] [2-095.jpg] [2-105.jpg]
Ranger Station, Devils Postpile
National Monument
Devil's Postpile from Devils Postpile Trail Top of Devil's Postpile
[3-07.jpg] [3-22.jpg] [3-25.jpg] [3-30.jpg]
The Buttresses from
Rainbow Falls Trail
Rainbow Falls Rainbow Falls and Middle Fork
San Joaquin River

Death Valley National Park [December 2009]
Sierra Nevada Mountains from Death
Valley Road
Eureka Sand Dunes (Eureka Dunes) Salt Creek (Salt Creek
Interpretive Trail)
Moving Rocks, Racetrack Playa Hidden Valley and Hidden Valley Road Charcoal Kilns

Canyonlands, Arches, Grand Canyon & Yosemite [June 2009]
[1-11.jpg] [1-16.jpg] [2-18.jpg]
Colorado River Overlook Road
Delicate Arch Mesa Arch (Canyonlands)
[2-44.jpg] [2-53.jpg] [6-29.jpg]
Grand Canyon from Bright Angel Point Mout Hayden and
Grand Canyon from
Point Imperial
Mammoth Peak from Tioga Pass

Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon & Capitol Reef [April 2009]
[2-34.jpg] [4-28.jpg]
Grand Canyon from Mather Point Bell Rock from Bell Rock Pathway
Glen Canyon and Colorado
River, Glen Canyon N.R.A.
[5-03.jpg] [6-05.jpg] [6-49.jpg]
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal
The Castle from Capitol Reef
National Park Visitor Center
Checkerboard Mesa, Zion
National Park

Yosemite National Park [March 2009]
[40.jpg] [56.jpg] [60.jpg] [70.jpg]
Yosemite Falls Lower Yosemite Fall Bridalveil Fall Bridalveil Fall from
Tunnel View

Joshua Tree National Park [November 2008]
[DSC02000+.jpg] [DSC02003+.jpg] [DSC02016.jpg]
San Jacinto Mountains and Coachella
Valley from Keys View
from Jumbo Rocks Campground Ryan Mountain summit
[DSC02025+26.jpg] [IMG_0132+.jpg] [IMG_0135.jpg]
from Ryan Mountain Trail Intersection Rock Cholla Cactus Garden

Crater Lake National Park [September 2008]
[1-04.jpg] [1-15.jpg] [2-11.jpg]
Crater Lake Three Sisters Crater Lake from Sinnott
Memorial Overlook

Death Valley National Park [August 2008]
[1-04.jpg] [1-09.jpg] [2-07.jpg]
Panamint Range and Death
Valley from Dante's View
Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes from
Highway 190
Zabriskie Point
[2-12.jpg] [2-24.jpg] [3-06.jpg]
Golden Canyon (Golden Canyon
Black Mountains and Highway 190 (west) Mosaic Canyon

Sequoia & Kings Canyon [June 2008]
[1-16+.jpg] [2-04.jpg] [2-33.jpg]
Great Western Divide from Moro Rock
Sequoia National Park
General Grant Grove, Kings
Canyon National Park
Kings Canyon and Highway 180
from Junction View (Giant Sequoia
National Monument)

Utah's National Parks [December 2006]
[2-12.jpg] [2-31.jpg] [2-35.jpg]
from Kolob Canyons Viewpoint Inspiration Point, Bryce Canyon
National Park
Bryce Point
[2-80.jpg] [3-03.jpg] [3-12.jpg]
The Castle, Capitol Reef National
Horseshoe Canyon, Canyonlands
National Park
Balanced Rock, Arches National

Great Basin National Park [October 2006]
[2-17.jpg] [2-40.jpg] [2-52.jpg]
Great Basin National Park entrance Lehman Caves Wheeler Peak

Lava Beds National Monument [May 2006]
[2.jpg] [4.jpg] [5.jpg]
South entrance, Lava Beds National
Skull Cave

Death Valley National Park [March 2006]
[1-03.jpg] [1-08.jpg] [1-09.jpg]
Charcoal Kilns Salt Creek Trail Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes
[2-05.jpg] [2-09.jpg] [2-11.jpg] [2-26.jpg]
Badwater Basin Natural Bridge Canyon Death Valley and Golden
Canyon from Golden Canyon
Trailend below Red Cathedral

Crater Lake National Park [September 2005]
[4-03.jpg] [4-04.jpg] [4-08.jpg]
North Entrance, Crater Lake National
Merriam Point, Crater Lake Nationa Park

Banff & Jasper of Canada [July 2003]
[2-10.jpg] [2-22.jpg] [2-30.jpg]
Lake Louise Peyto Lake Columbia Icefields (Athabasca
[3-11.jpg] [3-19.jpg] [3-23.jpg] [3-29.jpg]
Maligne Lake and Spirit Island Medicine Lake Mount Edith Cavell
and Cavell Lake
Athabasca Falls
[4-10.jpg] [4-16.jpg] [4-22.jpg] [5-20.jpg]
Moraine Lake Takakkaw Falls Emerald Lake Lake Minnewanka

Utah's National Parks [August 1997]

Yosemite National Park [August 1996]
[34.jpg] [33.jpg] [36.jpg]
Tenaya Lake from Tenaya Peak
Mount Conness and Cathedral Peak Clouds Rest and Half Dome

Yosemite National Park [Jun - Sep 1995]
[15.jpg] [1-14.jpg] [2-28.jpg] [2-13.jpg]
Yosemite Falls from
4-Mile Trail
Upper Yosemite Fall
/ Yosemite Falls Trail
Half Dome summit Upper Chilnualna Fall
[1-34.jpg] [3-32.jpg] [2-30.jpg]
from Lembert Dome summit White Cascades / Tuolumne River Half Dome summit
[2-02.jpg] [2-34.jpg] [3-19.jpg]
Cathedral Peak and Upper Cathedral
Mount Conness Matterhorn Peak and Burro Pass

Death Valley National Park [June 1992]

Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Zion & Grand Canyon [December 1991]

Yellowstone & Grand Teton [June 1991]
[2-42.jpg] [3-03.jpg]
Teton Range and Snake River from Snake River Overlook Grand Teton and Jackson Lake
[4-14.jpg] [5-06.jpg] [5-28.jpg] [5-43.jpg]
Hayden Valley Lower Yellowstone
Mammoth Hot
Old Faithful Geyser

Death Valley National Monument [December 1990]

Joshua Tree National Monument [December 1990]